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Web Design and Development Solutions

Hi my name is Randall Haney and I am a Web/Graphic Designer and Developer. I have a passion for playing with pixels no matter if they are static or in motion. I have extensive experience in developing customized solutions for

  • Web Design(HTML5, Javascript(JQuery) and CSS3)
  • Web Application Development (PHP, HTML5, Javascript(JQuery) and CSS3)
  • CMS(WordPress, Custom PHP)
  • Graphic Design / Marketing Collateral Creation
  • Photography (Portrait and Product)
  • Motion Graphics/3D Stills and Animation

I have experience dealing with projects from the very beginnings of an idea to the completion and deployment of the strategy. I am also able to drop into the middle of any project and bring results that exceed expectations. I bring a vast toolset of skills that can enhance your business.



Who am I? Well that would probably take some therapy to figure out. I know that I love to create and design things and then see those things become functional creations. I love working with computers and technology to achieve results that I could not reproduce with traditional media and do my best to create some sort of emotion or concept with each creation.

Being both a designer and developer gives me not only a better understanding of the business but also a continuing enjoyment for the job as I can always take a rest by changing from designing to coding and vice versa.


When it comes to websites I'm on the side of web standards trying always to create the most usable and accessible sites in HTML & CSS. When it comes to development I'm on the side of Object Oriented principles and Design Patterns that allow for reliable and resusable code.


I have been creating things ever since I was a kid when I use to try to draw KISS (in makeup) in kindergarten. I have been designing for the web since 1995 and have been programming for the web since 1997. I have been doing 3d Graphics/Animation, Video Editing and Motion Graphics since 1998 and have been seriously into Photography since 2004.


I currently reside in Folsom California.


This website began as a way for me to promote my designs on the internet and has become my portfolio and a way to promote my work as an digital artist, designer and developer. This site also allows me to test new ideas and techniques that I then apply to my production work. This iteration of the site is driven by WordPress, HTML5, JQuery Javascript Library and CSS3. This site also utilizes the customizable Kneedeep Input Form that is powered by, JQuery, PHPMailer API. The theme was created to allow for different color schemes to be displayed from a color switching widget.

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Google+ and the Google Facelift


By randall Category:Google, Social Networks | Tags: , , , , ,

Well I finally got an invite to Google+. I must admit that I did not know much about it before I joined in other than it was suppose to be Google’s answer to Facebook and a replacement for Google Buzz. So what is Google+?

Jun23rd2011 – Meeting Search Engine/WordPress implementation


By randall Category:Client, PHP, Web Design, Web Development | Tags: , , , , , ,

The project originally required a meeting search engine to allow users from around the world to search for CoDA meetings in their areas. For users in the US, there is a proximity search option to allow them to search by distance from a zip code. The meeting search is also multi-lingual and changes the [...]


Invision 3d/4d Ultrasound – Marketing Assets


By randall Category:Client, Graphic Design | Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Designed marketing mailer pieces. Designed Business cards Updated and corrected Brochure Technology Used Photoshop


Bundle of Joy Website and Product Development


By randall Category:Graphic Design, Photography, Photoshop, PHP, Product Development, Web Design, Web Development | Tags: , , , , , , ,

Developed website and order form using PHP5, Zend Framework, MVC Pattern, XHTML, CSS2/CSS3, JQuery. Orders are stored in the database and an admin screen is used to view and manage orders. The order is also emailed to the business owner to alert them of a new transaction. Developed 1/4′ plastic printed Keepsake Bundles used as [...]


Arguello, Hope and Assoicates WordPress Site


By randall Category:Graphic Design, Photoshop, PHP, Web Design, Web Development | Tags: , , , , , , ,

This project was done while at EMC Advertising. Arguello, Hope & Associates needed a new look and a bump in SEO for their website. This site was built using WordPress, PHP5, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. The site also uses the plugable Contact Form that is Javascript validated and AJAX submitted with PHP filtering and emailing [...]