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Jun23rd2011 – Meeting Search Engine/WordPress implementation


By randall Category:Client, PHP, Web Design, Web Development | Tags: , , , , , ,

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The project originally required a meeting search engine to allow users from around the world to search for CoDA meetings in their areas. For users in the US, there is a proximity search option to allow them to search by distance from a zip code. The meeting search is also multi-lingual and changes the labels based on a language parameter. Also developed a custom CMS engine to allow for user administration and event, meeting and job management that is reflected in widgets on the presentation layer of This iteration of the project was programmed in PHP5, XHTML,CSS2 and Javascript (Prototype and Scriptaculous)

The second iteration of work for Co-Dependants Anonymous is consisting of my friend Dave Foot and I setting up multiple sets of WordPress Blogs that interlink and allow users with the correct access to upload files and then create posts that allow the file to be downloaded. Using wp-filebase plugin to manage file upload and download functionality. Also implemented the Google Analytics for WordPress, WordPress Backup, WordPress Database Backup and Revision Control plugins.

Technology Used

  • WordPress 3.01
  • WPFileBase Plugin
  • WordPress Backup Plugin
  • WordPress Database Backup Plugin
  • WP-DBManager Plugin
  • Revision Control Plugin