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ITC – Intergovernmental Technology Conference Registration Form and Badge


By randall Category:Client, PHP, Web Design, Web Development | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

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ITC needed to have a web based form that would allow users to register for a conference and then be allowed to download and print a badge for admittance to that conference. This application is replacing a manual process that involved spreadsheets and other less that optimized workflow. This application allows users to register as well as staff the ability to cross check badges with registration at the actual conference.

The badge is dynamically created using FPDF PHP library and a link is provided to the temporary file on the server. Formatting the PDF was the cruix of this project as it was a bit tedious to place elements correctly. But I think that is just my newness with the library and not necessary an issue with the API. I used this library with the Google Analytics PHP API.

Technology Used

  • PHP – Object Oriented MVC framework
  • MYSQL Database
  • HTML5
  • CSS2/CSS3
  • JQuery
  • JQuery Datatables
  • FPDF